MONORAIL aluminium

Slide with MONORAIL profile in aluminium and a slide bloc made out of Oilamid*.
Slide bloc with integrated thread.

*Oilamid is a high resistant, self lubricant Polyamide.

WINKEL MONORAIL Aluminium Advantages:

  • simple, maintenance-free, robust and good value

Rail type MO 5025-AL

Article-Nr. 900.050.253
m1,9 kg/m
Lmax6,0 m

Slide type MO 5025-GL-100

Article-Nr. 900.050.246
  • Weight: 0.05 kg/m
  • Slide made out of Oilamid
BelastungCstatC dyn. bei 0,8m/sec
Fy1000 N400 N
Fx1000 N200 N
My10 Nm5 Nm

[1] Eccentric pin (preload setting)
[2] Lock nut
[3] Mark for eccentric pin
[4] Point for lubrication system


Each slide has 4 bearings, two of these bearings are eccentric adjustable (see eccentric marks pos. 3).

The preload setting can be done very easily using standard tools.

Lubrication can be obtained via the felt slips at pos. 4.

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