RLE - Robot tracks

WINKEL RLE robot tracks are economical designed and built systems for load capacities up to 2t robot weight.
Suitable for all robot brands and applications. We deliver ready to mount with suitable robot base, reduction gear box and central lubrication system. Precise positioning achieved by LM Guide and stiff steel costruction. For use as floor track or portal verision.

Robot tracks-Typ-RLE

  • hardened, play free LM guides in size 35 - 55
  • hardened rack and pinion drive
  • felt pinion for lubrication of the rack
  • central lubrication system for complete axis
  • repeatability less ± 0.1 mm
  • easy floor adjustment
  • driving speed over 2m/sec
  • with covers on request

Technical characteristics Type-RLE

Weight of robot: up to 2000 kg
Driving speed: over 2 m/sec
Repeatability: less ± 0,1 mm

Advantages Type-RLE

  • combination of 6-axis robot with state of the art linear module
  • precise, hardened LM guides
  • high stiffness achieved by steel construction
  • high flexibility in handling of parts
  • excellent value for money
TypeWeight of robot (kg)upright positionhanging positionDriveLinear guide
RLE-300max. 300yesyesrack and pinionLM guide
RLE-750max. 750yesyesrack and pinionLM guide
RLE-1500max. 1500yesyesrack and pinionLM guide
RLE-1500 Fmax. 1500yesyesrack and pinionHardened flat bar
RLE-2000max. 2000yesyesrack and pinionLM guide