Lifting and driving unit

WINKEL lifting and driving unit

WINKEL lifting and driving units are economical in designed and built systems for load capacities from 0.5 to 8t.

Load support either forks, teleskopic forks or special gripper.

WINKEL lifting and driving units are robust, made for continous use and require few minimal maintenance. We produce complete Systems with horizontal tracks which are floor mounted or as overhanging version. Special load frames, attachments, single stage or multiple stage versions are available on request.

Produktfakten WINKEL Hub- und Fahreinheiten

  • Modular design with WINKEL bearings
  • load capacity 0.5 - 8t
  • lift and drive
  • load support either forks, telescopic forks or special gripper
  • drive horizontal: electromechanically with rack and pinion drive
  • drive vertical: electromechanically or hydraulically
  • robust design for 3 shift application
  • low maintenance
  • wiring on terminal box on request