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WINKEL components

The WINKEL components, are a part of a unit construction system which enables simple and cost saving designs made with WINKEL-Bearings, profiles, flange plates and other equipment. More than 95% of our components we deliver immediatly from stock.

Additional welding, machining and coating works we do according to your drawings and are delivered ready to mount the components, please check our online-inquiries.

Following you get an overview of all WINKEL components, i.e. WINKEL-Bearings, profiles and flange plates

Advantage of the WINKEL Bearing system:

  • Reduces your designing and production costs
  • Can take up high radial and axial loads
  • Strong profiles for high stat. and dynamic loads
  • Best dispersion of forces in the profiles
  • Longer lifetime for bearings and profiles
  • Economical assembling by welding bolt
  • Bearing components are easily exchangeable

Personal contact:

If you have any questions, request or inquiries?.

Following departments with appropriately personal contacts are availiable:
Technical Sale components
Mr. Bernd Rudolph
Phone +49 7042-8250-50
Fax +49 7042-23-803

Mr. Valeri Kuhn
Phone +49 7042-8250-193
Fax +49 7042-23-803
Mrs. Tamara Langenstein
Phone +49 7042-8250-36
Fax +49 7042-23-803
Mr. Artur Bertsch
Phone +49 7042-8250-74
Fax +49 7042-23-803
Mrs. Maren Schröder
Phone +49 7042-8250-30
Fax +49 7042-23-803

WINKEL trade shows

  • February 2015
  • 10. - 12. | LogiMat
    Stuttgart (Germany)
  • 25. - 27. | Air Cargo Africa
    Johannesburg (South Africa)