High temperature WINKEL-Bearings

High temperature WINKEL Bearing | 4.053 HT - 4.063 HT

High temperature WINKEL Bearing

Advantage | High temperature WINKEL Bearing

  • WINKEL Bearings of range HT are made for high temperature applications up to 250°C
  • The WINKEL Bearings are made with tolerance C3, high temperature grease and viton sealings
  • Relubrication on request

For economical designs in machines, lifting and handling systems.

Advantage of the WINKEL Bearing system:

  • Reduces your designing and production costs
  • Can take up high radial and axial loads
  • Strong profiles for high stat. and dynamic loads
  • Best dispersion of forces in the profiles
  • Longer lifetime for bearings and profiles
  • Economical assembling by welding bolt
  • Bearing components are easily exchangeable