Coilwender Type C 5 W

Coil turning units Type 5 W

The space saving turning unit for 5 t and 10 t coils.
Coil turning units of type C5 and C 10 are available as turning units [Type C 5 W and C 10 W] or as turning/rotation unit[Type C 5 WD and C 10 WD]

The advantages:

  • Safe and fast turning operation without lifting straps
  • No damage to coils during turning
  • Space saving construction
  • Easy loading from one side (Series WD)
  • Easy mounting
  • Ready to plug in
  • The coil turning units come with a control panel
  • Safety guards on request

Technical characteristics:

  • Tragkraft: 5.000 kg
  • Coil Ø: 1.600 mm
  • Coillänge: 1.200 mm

Special coil turning units on request.

TypeCoil weightCoil øCoil heightTiltingTurningOperation time
C 5Wmax. 5tmax. 1600max. 1200yesnoca. 14s
C 5WDmax. 5tmax. 1600max. 1200yesyesca.14s
C 10Wmax. 10tmax. 1900max. 1600yesnoca. 30s
C 10WDmax. 10tmax. 1900max. 1600yesyesca. 30s

*Special versions on request